We are a family-owned, "mom and pop" business, brought on by our own love for the game of tennis. Local to the 561 area, you will see us out and about at tennis events, tournaments and just hitting around on the courts (we especially love the hitting frenzy at PBG!).

We work tirelessly to provide the best customer service and to offer the "newest and greatest" in tennis at our store. We are constantly learning about cutting edge products and technology in tennis gear to best equip our customers.

Our goal is to provide all tennis players - novice and experienced alike - in the Palm Beach County area with a great tennis store, not just a tennis department, and an equally great experience.

Our products are vast and include items like tennis racquets, strings,grips, balls, tennis shoes, league uniforms, men's / women's / junior's tennis attire, tennis racquet bags, Captain gifts, sport sunglasses, and more.

We also provide restringing and grip services. As well as offer demo rackets to ensure you get a racket that's perfect for you.  


We have built relationships with outstanding brands in the tennis community and are excited to offer high-quality tennis products. 

As we like to say - we are tennis.


1434 10th Street, Lake Park, Florida 33403, United States